ICP 2017 Strasbourg » Topical Sessions

Topical Sessions

  • Fundamental Photochemistry & Photophysics  (Luminescence, Charge & energy transfer, photo-isomerization, inter-system crossing, solvation dynamics)
  • Molecular and Inorganic Materials (properties & functions, photo-chromics, hybrids, low-dimensional semiconductors, …)
  • Photocatalysis, Solar Fuels and and Solar Cells (artificial photosynthesis, H2 production, sustainable photochemistry, …)
  • Photochemistry for Biophotonics and Photobiology (Labels, photodiagnostics & -therapy, DNA, fluorescent proteins, photo-synthesis, …)
  • New Frontiers in Ultrafast Photochemistry (Xray, multi-dimensional spectroscopy, femto & nano, …)
  • New concepts & methods in Theoretical photochemistry (non-adiabatic dynamics, surface & environment effects, non-linear spectroscopy, extended systems, Control, …)
  • Photochemistry and Plasmonics (SERS, plasmon-exciton coupling, plasmon propagation, metamaterials, …)
  • Spectroscopy of Single Molecules and Nanostructures (sub-diffraction microscopy, single molecule reactivity, quantum dots, interfaces, …)