ICP 2017 Strasbourg » Contributions


You can access the full list of contributions presented at the conference in several ways:

We congratulate the four winners of the Elsevier scholarship:

  • Dairi KATO, « Development of frequency modulated photo-induced phase microscopy and the observation of photo-induced phase transition of liquid crystals »
  • Marcin KONOWALCZYK, « Advancements in Modulated MARY Spectroscopy »
  • Valentin MAFFEIS, « Push-Pull dyes for p-type Grätzel cells: a time resolved fluorescence study »
  • Shino SASAKI, « Preparation and fluorescence properties of perylenediimide nanoparticles with a one-dimensional pi-stacking structure »

We congratulate the winners of the poster prizes:

  • ACS Omega poster prize:
    • Emmanuelle DESPAGNET-AYOUB, « In-film investigation of photoacid generator for semiconductor applications »
    • Ayako TOKUNAGA, « Photochromic Molecules Composed of Two Negative Photochromic Units »
    • Stéphanie MENDES MARINHO, « Developpment of a new semi-conductor polymer for solar fuel production, through artificial photosynthesis »
  • ChemPhotoChem poster prize:
    • Julien ENG, « High efficiency TADF molecule – Theoretical study »
    • Moe KITABA, « A Laser T-jump Study on the Phase Separation Dynamics of Poly(N-isopropylacrylamide) Copolymerized with Hydrophilic Monomer »
    • Ainhoa COTS, « Toward Tandem Solar Cells for Water Splitting using polymer electrolytes »
  • LabEX CSC poster prize:
    • Nicolas FANTOZZI, « New fluorescent probes for neurotransmitters detection »
    • Tatu KUMPULAINEN, « An excited-state proton transfer disentangled by fs broadband spectroscopies »
  • RCS poster prize:
    • Anne RUNSER, « Lanthanide-loaded polymer nanoparticles as bright bioprobes for time-gated imaging »
    • GERECKE Mario, « fs broadband FLuorescence UPconversion Spectroscopy (FLUPS): Spectral coverage versus efficiency »
    • Nanoka YANO, « Emission Behaviors of Single Colloidal Quantum Dots: Laser Pulse-Width Dependence »
  • RFI LUMOMAT poster prize:
    • Daiki YAMANISHI, « Fabrication of Au Nanoparticles Array with Nanogaps based on a Sea-island Structure of a Block Copolymer film »
    • Federica MASCHIETTO, « D_CT : A useful tool for the characterization of charge transfer excited states from small organic molecules to large metal complexes »
    • Marina GERHARD, « Temperature-resolved study of luminescence blinking in methylammonium lead iodide »